Our Mission

The primary goal of the Todd Baird Lindsey Devlin Foundation is to help elderly individuals remain in independent living situations for as long as practical. The foundation recognizes that each person has a unique set of emotional and physical conditions and individual preferences. As a result, the Foundation offers direct financial support or other indirect forms of assistance in an effort to respond to each individual’s medical, nutritional, housing, social and psychological needs.

Demographic Criteria

Age Criteria: 55 years or older

Service area:
Carlisle Borough, Mount Holly Springs Borough, Newville Borough, West Pennsboro Township, Dickinson Township, Middlesex Township, South Middleton and North Middleton Townships,
Penn Township, Lower Frankford and Upper Frankford Townships.

Financial Criteria

The income requirements are based upon your household size.

Income limit for one person household is $28,400*

Income limit for two person household is $32,450*

See our Requirements page for details on larger household sizes.

Liquid assets must not exceed $2,000.*

*This amount is subject to change.

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